It’s Time to Begin, Isn’t it? – Vol. 1

Beginnings. Fresh starts. Metamorphoses. Homecomings. Opportunities. New horizons. Greetings and salutations, welcome and hello.

Welcome to this special edition of Words for the Weekend. And it is special, not because it is our first official edition on the new site, but because you made it. These are your words — figuratively and literally. Figuratively, because Words wouldn’t be here without your support or encouragement. Literally, because this volume is your voice–your words, your photography–selected or composed especially for this first edition.

You’ll notice our normal two opening videos are slightly different. The second video this week is a very special creation by Victoria of VictoriaNeuronotes. Victoria made a video all about Words for the Weekend exclusively for this special occasion. I’m beyond touched by her generous spirit; thank you, Victoria.

And thank you Michael of Good2BeGone, NicoleMarie of Words and Other Things, SageDoyle of SageDoyle, and Jennie–the artist formerly (and still) known as C.K. Hope–of OK, Who Ate the Daisies, all for creating material specifically for this debut edition. You guys are incredible, seriously. My gratitude also to Susan of Life is a Journey, Not a Guided Tour, Kimberly Harding of Kimberly Harding- Soul Healing Art, Lisa Neumann of Sober Identity, and Cindy Knoke of for allowing me to share their work.

I am moved beyond “words,” which let’s face it, for me, is a pretty spectacular feat.

Be sure to check out the music players in the sidebar and footer; most songs in the sidebar will rotate depending upon the week’s theme, and those in the footer, mood-dependent, subject to change with the weather.

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here. “It’s time to begin, isn’t it?”


“And now it’s time to build from the bottom of the pit
Right to the top / Don’t hold back
Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain check . . .

It’s time to begin, isn’t it?
I get a little bit bigger but then I’ll admit
I’m just the same as I was
Now don’t you understand
That I’m never changing who I am”

“It’s Time” (video) by Imagine Dragons on Night Visions


“Words for the Weekend” (video) — a creative poem project by Victoria of Victoria Neuronotes


"Flying" courtesy of Susan, Life

Let’s dive on in to this new adventure!
“Flying” . . . Photo courtesy Susan of Life is a Journey, Not a Guided Tour


Hello … Hello Again

by Michael of Good2BeGone

A rebirth in the wings
New beginnings
that last

Words that inspire
Beams of light, breaking
Through the overcast

Say hello to the
New horizon, a break
From the past.

Quotes, lyrics and
Sayings, it is here,
Where they are all amassed.

From Dr. Suess to Danny Elfman,
Tom Waits and on
To even…Everlast.

The art of words
Is on display just
Beyond the glass.

Click a link
Read a passage
Let your worries
Take a pass

Words for the Weekend
Has relaunched, welcome
To your cranial
Meditation class.

“Hello … Hello Again” by Michael of Good2BeGone, written expressly for the debut of Words for the Weekend. Michael blogs at GOOD2BEGONE; His blog name is inspired by the Soulhat song “Good to be Gone“; his poem’s title is inspired by The Cars song “Hello Again.”


photo courtesy of Good2BeGone

“Hello Again” . . . photo courtesy Michael of Good2BeGone


The first blogger ever included in Words for the Weekend was my friend, Nicole Marie–get this–exactly one year ago (less one day) on October 20, 2012:

“He made my brain hurt in the best way ever.” ~ Nicole Marie who blogs at wordsandotherthings, from “It is astounding, how many selves we have

It’s my pleasure to share her beautiful words again with you, a year later:

Find Me When You’re Starting Over

by Nicole Marie

I twisted into me
into knots and threads of darkened memory
like tree trunk rings or strips of film
of jagged time.

There are shards of light there
in those tied up corners
and those softened edges
of flesh and bone.

Hold me up to the sun
and study the maps
that run through my veins
they’re all places I have been.

The signs along the highway
have turned a jaded green
but I remain a brilliant
shade of transparent gold.

I can guide you at night
I can teach you
spread out on the hood of your car
one finger on some tiny destination.

I am a breathing mess of
sun down and sun up
of abandoned buildings
and new beginnings.

Find me when you’re starting over
I have been everywhere
I have grown rings
twisted into the depths of me.

“Find Me When You’re Starting Over” by Nicole Marie, written expressly for the debut of Words for the Weekend. Nicole Marie writes poetry and prose at her blog Words and Other Things.


"Heart Bloom" by Kimberly Harding of Soul Healing Art

Heart Blooms by Kimberly Harding of Kimberly Harding- Soul Healing Art

Sometimes Your Heart is Just Waiting to Bloom

by Kimberly Harding

Sometimes when we think our hearts have had enough-

When it has been injured one too many times

and we worry it wants to quit,

we forget that for the heart –

a pause precedes every beat

and sometimes the heart is just waiting

patiently for the next beat and

the next moment to bloom.

Sometimes Your Heart is Just Waiting to Bloom” by Kimberly Harding of Kimberly Harding- Soul Healing Art. Reprinted with permission of Ms. Harding.


In The Beginning

by Lisa Neumann

The Beginning
You were already there when I walked in the room.
Everyone loved you and wanted to be with you.
I was intrigued, but a little scared.
Someone suggested I would feel better if I got to know you.

I hesitantly agreed.
I didn’t want to know you—but I did.
I was confused.
I was awkward.

I met you once.
You were lovely, beautiful, welcoming, freeing.

The Middle
It is so nice.
We are together.
The world is right.
I finally understand.

Some of the others think we spend too much time together.
I think they are jealous.
Let’s not spend time with them. They are negative.
We need each other in a way they do not understand.

(Still) The Middle
Lately, when we are together, I do not understand you.
Let’s go back to the beginning.
It was simpler then.

I’ve been looking for you.
Where have you been?
I panic when I can’t find you.
You still love me?

I need you—love you.
We love each other—remember?
Can you try and love me back?
I still want you in my life.

The First End
This is not okay.
I want us to be okay.
I’m miserable with you.
I’m miserable without you.

I want your strength and courage.
I want how it used to be.
We were really good back then.
Weren’t we?

Get away from me.
You make me crazy.
I hate you.
Stop calling me.
Not only are we not love,
We are destruction.

The Second End
Why did I tell you to go away?
I hate being alone.
I’m worse without you.
I hate thinking.
I hate me.
I wish I could just stop thinking.
I can’t.

The Third End
You are so seductive.
Your persuasion … unparalleled.
How did I get here?

The others no longer understand me.
They blame me.
I try to tell them it is you.
They want me to get help.

I do not want help.
I want people to stop trying to help me.
Stop trying to change me.
They don’t know me—understand me.

The End
There has got to be more to life than this.
Why has it come to this?
I want help.
Maybe I need changing.
I know a guy, who knows a guy, that says he knows how I feel.
I will meet him.

The Beginning
He was already there when I walked in the room.
Everyone loved him.
I was intrigued, but a little scared.
Someone suggested I would feel better if I got to know him.

I hesitantly agreed.
I didn’t want to know him—and I did.
I was confused.
I was awkward.

I will meet him once
—and see how it goes.

I have met him every day for many days.

Despite myself,
I can learn to change.


In the Beginning” by Lisa Neumann. Lisa, author and life-coach, blogs at Sober Identity. Her book Sober Identity: Tools for Reprogramming the Addictive Mind is available on Amazon. Reprinted with permission of Ms. Neumann.


A butterfly symbolizes metamorphosis and new beginnings. The flower and butterfly seem to be saying "Hello!" to each other. Image courtesy of Cindy Knoke.

A butterfly– the symbol of metamorphosis and new beginnings.
Photo courtesy Cindy Knoke of



by Sage Doyle

I am the changes of yesterday
traipsing within my recollection
nothing so crushed or foregone
that hasn’t served a purpose
as I am ever renewed
and those days move forward, while I
motivate myself to
lead on
I am the break in the wave slamming to the shore
taking the grains and sweeping them back into me
fostering life and
forging death,
I welcome freedom and reward
I watch things change, I grow
and I see the yesterdays,
some sharp and bitter regrets
bettered with hope
cast in their way of confrontation
offering themselves to defeat
because I am the storm which rages
to replenish my way
ever renewed, sometimes foolish
mostly gilded
I am the child who knows
the truth
all truths
in all my likeness

“Likeness” by Sage Doyle, written expressly for the debut of Words for the Weekend. Sage writes poetry and fiction at his blog SageDoyle.


"Lighthouse" courtesy of Susan of

“Lighthouse” . . . Photo courtesy Susan of Life is a Journey, Not a Guided Tour



by C.K. Hope

Welcome to a new beginning
Owords of wisdom and of spirits
Daily grind wears us down so
Sit today and revitalize with words
The Weekend


Word II 

Words are our hope
when the darkness sets in

They bring in the light
to see again

Without words …
No companionship,
shared in a thought

No compassion
offered in soft tones

No encouragement;
faith shared to seek heart

No release for souls
lacking expression

Apathy thrives in
communication blackout

Words –
create empathic
connections; weaves songs
that strike cords – poetic
verse that fills need – voices
that bring peace

– Words —
help heal,

remove doubt

They help us believe
the truth in tomorrow
bringing brighter days
after the rains

Words are our hope


~ “Words” by C.K. Hope, written expressly for the debut of Words for the Weekend. Jennie writes poetry and prose, sharing also the occasional photograph and dragon, as C.K. Hope at her blog OK, Who Ate the Daisies.


I finally joined the Twitter bandwagon! (Are you okay? Did you faint? Here, let me help you up…) I’ll add a Twitter widget soon (that just sounds weird). Feel free to follow me at Christys_Words.

I hope you enjoyed this debut! My gratitude to the following bloggers for creating content for this first volume of Words for the Weekend and/or allowing their work to be shared. Please show your support by visiting their blogs:

Victoria at Victoria Neuronotes

Michael at GOOD2BEGONE

Sage Doyle at SageDoyle

Nicole Marie at Words and Other Things

Jennie (C.K. Hope) at OK, Who Ate the Daisies

Susan (Mariner2Mother) at Life is a Journey, Not a Guided Tour

Kimberly Harding at Kimberly Harding- Soul Healing Art

Lisa Neumann at Sober Identity

Cindy Knoke at



  1. […] For those of you who have yet to meet the incredible Christina aka Christy, from the blog Running On Sober, I am happy to introduce her to you today, along with her new blog Words for the Weekend. […]


    1. Thank you for the kind post and mention to your wonderful readers, Victoria.


  2. Thank you so much, I’m honored to be included! I’ll reblog this, this afternoon 🙂


    1. As one of your long-time fans, it was such a treat to not only share your work, but to share your work written just for meeeee (well, okay, not just for me, for all of us, LOL). Thank you so much for being a part of this, Sage, and thanks in advance for the reblog. ~ Christy


      1. Just reblogged, and I did write it just for you 🙂


        1. 🙂 My gilded Irish eyes are always smiling in your presence.

          Go raibh maith agat, a chara.


          1. Aw thank you! But I don’t see eyes in your very distracting gravatar lol


          2. Isn’t she haunting? It’s Wyeth’s Christina’s World, as you probably know. I have the full image on my “About” page.

            As for my eyes, they’re smiling, trust me. I think you saw THIS, but if not, read or scan all the way to the end of the post. Or just go to my Twitter page linked in this post.


          3. Yes I did see this, and you’re beautiful, inside and out.


  3. What SageDoyle said: Thank you so much, Christina. I, too, am honored to be included. You know I love ya. *hugs and smooches*

    Sage, I loved your poem, “Likeness” — just beautiful. You wrote: “I am the break in the wave slamming to the shore.” Talk about synchronicity. 😉



    1. Also — a note to Michael, Nicole Marie, Jennie, Susan, Kimberly, Lisa, and Cindy — your contributions were brilliant. ღ


    2. Such beautiful things unfold when we allow ourselves to embrace our vulnerability. We are all so lucky to see you Becoming. Thank you so much for the beautiful poem and video, and for your current post introducing your readers to our site. I appreciate you so much.

      The synchronicity in this project really amazed me, especially considering the sky was the limit in content creation. It all tied together in the most wondrous of ways — I have been smiling all day.

      Love you right back, ❤ christina


      1. Christina, thank you, yet again, for plucking my heart strings. I have to tell you that in my original video, the descriptive words that flash in between each stanza were changed at the last minute before I shared the video with you for review. I changed them because I wanted to highlight the connection and community that I have felt on your Words blog when it was on RoS.

        But in the first version, the descriptive words were actually repeating one word — ‘Words’. I laughed out loud when I read both poems by C.K. Hope.. 😀

        One more note: The initial title of the video was “Words”.

        This was a goose bump post considering the themed words you gave us to work with. *hears Twilight Zone music in the background*


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  5. Super start to the new blog.


    1. Thank you, Graham, I’m so happy you’re here!


  6. What an epic rebirth! So many incredible poems, videos and photos! I am humbled to have been included. Kudos, Christy! First one is in the books.


    1. I am filled with gratitude, Michael (yes, I said that intentionally, of course!) It was an honor to share your witty words (“Dr. Seuss to Danny Elfman” Ha, LOVE IT!) and your stunning photography (glowing clouds!). I’ve loved your work for a long time! Thanks so much for making this debut special!

      (“in the books” — nice!)


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    1. Thanks for reblogging, I appreciate it!


  8. What a great ‘stew’ of talent for your debut. Such inspiration, Christy. Thanks for putting this all together. My youngest daughter liked the first video of Imagine Dragons (that group is her favorite).


    1. This was such a treat to do, Char, I was like a little kid opening birthday presents, giddy with excitement.

      Oooh, your daughter has most excellent taste in music. This song has been playing in my mind for weeks in preparation for this post — its lyrics fit perfectly. I love the acoustic versions of most songs, as many of you know, and this version was no different. I loved how they were just sitting around jamming… There’s another good one out with more hand-clapping and foot-stomping percussion–plus it has some of the original band members who have moved on to other projects–but the sound quality wasn’t as good, though I think I actually prefer the performance. Makes me want to stomp along! I’ll find it for your daughter…

      Oh guess what—I had a donut for breakfast, and I had some bacon bits on my Frito nachos for lunch (yes, seriously, c’mon it’s Saturday!), so in a wayyyyy it was kind of like having a bacon donut. And of course I thought of you.

      Thanks for being here today, we appreciate it! ~ c


      1. Hee hee. I love your version of a bacon donut. Thanks for this other video. I’ll show my daughter when she gets home tonight.


      2. Yea! She’s here already and loves that one. I guess that’s where she got the clapping/stomping thing she’s always doing when she’s bored. Now I know.


        1. Oh good! I’m glad she enjoyed. High-fives and claps to the both of you. (It’s good cardio!)

          Not the healthiest meals today, but, Char, they were soooo delicious! I’ll do some extra clapping and stomping to make up for it. I should be done by mid-November.



  9. What an amazing collection of words! I can’t believe all the talent. What a way to start my day! 🙂


    1. Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed, Karen! I was so excited, I don’t think I slept more than three winks last night. I had to make myself wait until I had my first cup of coffee to push the button. Thanks for being here… we appreciate it! ❤


  10. I feel exactly like Karen above. I loved started my day here. I’m excited for you, and for all of us who have this lovely place to look forward to. Great beginning, Christy. xox

    (Also, what a perfect avatar for you!!)


    1. p.s. I laughed at the song selection for Cayman. 😉


      1. Haha! Wasn’t that awesome? I’m glad you saw it. Had to sneak that in there after a recent comment. 🙂


    2. Thank you so much, Mary, this really means a lot to me. These are so fun to put together. Usually a song, poem or book passage will ignite a spark in my head and everything else builds like a fire around that certain feeling or theme until it all comes together. This week was different because there were nine different little fires burning, but man, how they unwittingly fed and fueled each other, like little flaming dominoes falling–and then coming back full circle!–blew me away. Like a supernova! So glad you were here today, thank you! xoxo


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    Christy’s “Words For The Weekend” have grown up and moved out of the parent blog’s space and into their own shiny new home! It’s an amazing debut post – Take a few minutes to drop in and check it out!


    1. My parent blog kicked me out. LOL! Thank you for sharing, my friend, you’re awesome!


      1. Pfft! I said moved out, not kicked out 😉 You’re pretty awesome yourself!


        1. potato, potatoe…
          Jennie, Diddy… 🙂


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    I’m honored to have been invited to submit a poem for this blog post, among so many talented folks. I wrote “Likeness” which can only be seen here…


    1. You are so kind, Sage, thank you my friend.


      1. Anytime, and the thanks go to you.


  13. It’s a perfect new beginning for your Weekend Words, Christy! I’m honored to have been part of it. Everyone’s work is amazing and ties together so awesomely. I absolutely love Victoria’s video, it is so beautifully done! I have to agree 100% with Michael – Epic, Christy, just epic.


    1. C.K., thank you! We were definitely on the same wavelength with our contributions. I find your poetry to be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

      Breaking it down:
      super = “above”
      cali = “beauty”
      fragilistic = “delicate”
      expiali = “to atone”
      docious = “educable”,
      according to Robert and Richard Sherman who invented the word.



      1. You’re not going to believe this, Victoria, but this morning I almost spit out my coffee when I was watching CBS Sunday Morning and this video clip came on:

        They had a whole segment on the Sherman song-writing brothers–it was magical!

        They also had a great segment on “The Science of Survival” you’d enjoy:

        He [Psychiatrist Dennis Charney] said that in disasters like 9/11 or Hurricane Sandy, people are more likely to weather the storm when they have strong social support, a strong community. And if there isn’t one, real survivors more or less make their own.

        You can read more and see the video clip at:


      2. Thank you, Victoria! I never knew it had an actual meaning besides thinking it just meant fantastic! Thanks for sharing that 🙂


    2. I have to agree too, the artist formerly (and still) known as C.K. Hope, it was majorly epic. And the credit goes to all of you guys! All I did was copy and paste and cuss at the computer screen as I tried to get the line spacing to stick. Which, I admit, the cussing was kind of fun to do. LOL. I’ll respond more coherently tomorrow, just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for writing for us and reblogging to your readers, you are epic, young lady, err I mean the artist formerly (and still) known as C.K. Hope. Can I just call you Diddy? 😉 xo


      1. LOL! I’m imagining my gravatar — Jennie – the artist formerly known as C.K., but ya’ll can call me Diddy — I wonder if there’s a word limit on those?

        Whatever, that’s not “all” you did. You somehow managed synchronicity among a group of people who had no idea what each other was thinking of doing for their contribution. How many people could get this result?? I’d bet a lot of money not many 🙂


        1. Haha, you wouldn’t be able to post on Twitter because your name would take up all the characters.

          There was something really special going on there with the synchronicity. Not sure what, but I was thrilled to be a part of it. I’m in talented company, that’s for damn sure. (oooh the pressure!)


      2. Christina, I’ve gotten so many email notifications, that I can’t find the one to reply to your comment regarding the Sunday Morning program, lol. and there’s no reply button on your reply to me. So I’m posting here. I got goosebumps when I read that. Goosebumps, I tell ya. 😀 Also, I will have to share with you a comment from one of my friends on Skype, less than two minutes after I shared something, nearly identical with you via email. I got so excited I had to tell him. Hehe — yeah — more goosebumps. I am lovin’ it!


        Oh, and I can’t find C.K’s replay in my maze of emails and notifications, so I will *wave* to her here. 😀


        1. I need to change the default comment thread to allow more responses– thx, V.

          Waving back! Congrats again on your FP! xo

          I’ll tell CK you waved.

          Sent from my iPhone



          1. That’s good to know, Christina. I didn’t realize we could allow for more comment reply buttons. I will check that out on my end as well. I thought it had to do with the templates.



          2. Found it on my end. The threaded (nested) comments default was set on 3 on both my blogs. Now I know what “threaded ‘nested’ comments” mean, lol. Live and learn. 😀 I’ve set mine to the highest setting. Thanks for letting me know about this.

            Oh, and thanks again for the congrats. 😀



          3. Yes ma’am, glad you found everything you were looking for. And thanks for reminding me to do the same. ❤


        2. *WAVING* back to Victoria!

          I think notifications should now be renamed Maze-ifications, describes them much better at the end of the day 😉 And congrats on FP! That post definitely deserved it!


  14. jalal michael sabbagh · ·

    Outstanding post, beautiful transparency that tells a lot about your person… I enjoyed every piece. Best wishes. jalal


    1. Thank you, Jalal, I appreciate you visiting. Thank you for the kind comment,


  15. WhoseEarHoosier · ·

    What a gorgeous welcoming post! Wishing you all the best 🙂


    1. Thank you so very much! So nice of you to stop by, Christy


  16. This is a beautiful welcome. Your arrival deserves nothing less.


    1. Kind and generous, as always, Cayman. Thank you. I appreciate you being here this weekend, means a lot. -C


  17. There is some serious talent up in here! Thank you so much for including me. What a brilliant start to this page. xoxo


    1. Hey honey!! I’m so glad you enjoyed. I had to handcuff myself yesterday so that I wouldn’t bug you (did you see it yet? did you see it yet? did you see it yet?) because I knew you were pulling some crazy hours.

      But my god, Nicole, your work was brilliant and moved me tears.

      But the surprise… can you believe that you were the first blogger ever I said, “hey, can I quote you?” and you said, “yes,” exactly one year ago TODAY. When I went back to pull that original quote, I think I said something like, “well of f*cking course! perfect!” and then I probably laughed like a mad woman. And that post–the one I quoted–did you read it again? I did. You had just found your home, you were still unmarried, you were submitting work, you had those kickass boots… so much change in one little year, so many lives…, and yet it still feels like yesterday.

      Thank you for all of your love and support. The stars aligned when I met you.
      xoxo, Christy

      PS- When I sat and truly absorbed your poem, this song began playing in my mind AND WOULDN’T STOP:


      1. It was FATE!!!! That’s insane. Thank you so, so much my beautiful friend. Her voice is BEAUTIFUL, and I love that song. I think it pairs beautifully. ❤


  18. […] was honored to include one of my own poems in the first edition of the site, alongside several other talented writers and artists. So I urge you all mosey on over […]


    1. Thanks for the kind mention and for sharing with your readers. xo


  19. I adore that banner. It fits this blog, doesn’t it?
    Great to see those poems and stuff here!


  20. I meant the Belle Dame Sans Merci, as I saw that one, but apparently there’s more art! Yay!


    1. Thank you! I’m really glad you’re here!

      Most of the banner artwork is Waterhouse’s work, although there are a few other favorites mixed in. I have all the work listed on my “Featured Artwork” page.

      The Lady of Shallot is my favorite Waterhouse, but La Belle Dame Sans Merci is my second favorite, then Miranda the Tempest. I have all three framed, including a couple of Wyeth pieces.

      Wonderful to see you! I’m overdue for a visit-so I’ll drop by soon, x, Christy


      1. Yeah, I visited the Featured Artwork page! It makes this site even more exciting, hehe ;).


  21. So many beautiful words, I’m going to have to come back over here again and again to linger over them. I love the Waterhouse portraits, more beauty that you have introduced me to.


    1. Thanks for being here, Kary, and thank you for adding the site to your blogroll.

      You’re welcome any and every time, I hoped to give this site a ‘sanctuary’ type feel–cozy, warm and inviting. Lots of music too!

      Hope you enjoy Jimmy B.!


  22. I loved this:

    ‘I am a breathing mess of
    sun down and sun up
    of abandoned buildings
    and new beginnings.’



    1. Wanna hear something wild? Those are very exact words I tweeted to Nicole with the link to this post. Her entire poem is gorgeous, but those lines haunt me.

      Thank you so much for being here, Michelle!


  23. Wow. Just… Wow.

    This is so amazing. I feel overwhelmed by the talent surrounding me in this blogosphere, and so fortunate to have all of you for inspiration.

    Amazing, amazing work, Christy, and to all of the artists who contributed!



    1. Wow. Just wow. Those were my exact words too when I saw each submission come in. I’m still feeling and processing the pieces–seeing them each in a different light the more the words sit with me.

      And to have these folks share out of the kindness of their hearts? Not only madly talented, but oh-so-kind and generous. (Which just made me think of that Natalie Merchant song–thank you!). I, too, feel that overwhelmed by beauty and talent feeling, and it makes me feel grateful and connected.

      Thank you for your kind words, Josie, so glad you’re here.


  24. Hi Christy! Congrats on the feature post! Woot woot to all the contributors and the awesome art work and the music and of course THE words! I have to say I am beyond the knowledge of this! Well I know Imagine Dragons and my daughter loves them too! LOL! But here is the coolest part, I can still relate. That is the best, the words and the images and the music can all speak to me too! Love it, thank you so much for sharing and showcasing all this talent! Love it!


    1. Maggie, hi! So glad you could make it over and that you found some inspiration here. I’ve been lucky to meet so many talented and wonderful people–in and out of recovery. Didn’t you love Lisa’s poem on The Beginning and how that could relate to alcohol or any type of destructive relationship?

      Thank you for the warm welcome and the kind words!


  25. Great words, great music, great host!

    Welcome to your new home.


    1. Thank you x 4!

      I’m finally catching my breath after a couple crazy weeks. Feels good here in my new little home! My home away from home? Or the other way around? Not sure yet, but I’m excited with the warm welcome here for sure. Thanks so much for being here! -Christy


  26. I need a full hour to read your blog posts anymore. Thank you for sharing a little of me. Mostly thank you for ALL the great WORDS. A big TY to CK Hope on the acronym for Words for the Weekend. It was my favorite .Love and more love …. Me


    1. Ooh I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, Lisa, I certainly don’t want you to feel like you *have* to have an hour to read. Just peruse as you can or skim until something catches your eye. It’s kind of like a book you can open to any page and read a little when you have time.

      Thank you again for letting me share your work! And CK–isn’t she awesome? You may be seeing more of her in the near future. 😉

      Love ya! C-


  27. […] of you know Christy has used some of my poems on her Words posts in the past and most recently on Words for the Weekends debut on it’s very own spot in the blogosphere. It was shortly after that that Christy asked me if […]


  28. Some days I live my life just to get to the week-end. Your weekly compilation of beautiful, haunting and thought-provoking words from talented writers are just more reasons Saturday needs to get here sooner. I find another gem every time I go back. So glad our paths crossed!


    1. You’re very quite sweet, thank you so much.


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